Alor Gajah Municipal Council

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History of Alor Gajah

Alor Gajah, which is famous for its Naning warrior, Dato’ Dol Said who went up against the British in the Naning War 1832, was one of the forest areas believed to be the routes for the wild elephants. Today, Alor Gajah has become a rapidly developing district.

Alor Gajah district consists of three (3) large towns and 15 smaller towns. The Alor Gajah district area is 66,302 hectares which cover 31 territorial divisions.

Alor Gajah Rural Council was reorganized according to 171 Act, Local Government Act 1976 and was recognized as Alor Gajah District Council on 1st July 1978.

Today, Alor Gajah district has a total population count of 131,870 as of the year 2000 population census. Pekan Alor Gajah is located 24 km from Melaka town and is now becoming one of the main access to Malacca through North-South Highway.

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