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Paya Lebar Eco Adventures (Eco-Tourism)


The Paya Lebar Eco Adventures promises an extraordinary experience to visitors that love nature. Visitors will experience the excitement of navigating the waterway via a river cruise programme. They will be able to cruise the river while indulging in scenic views of the mangrove reserves and wildlife such as birds, primates, crocodiles among others. The main attractions along this five kilometre journey (two to three hours trip) are Sabak Arang, Tebing Urut Jetty, Lokan Park, Firefly Sanctuary, the Dutch Fort, and remains of Fort Sempang.

Sabak Arang is a place known for traditional coal making that is run by Mr. Daud. This place is believed to has been operated for over 100 years and still maintains its traditional way of making wood coal due to high demands. Pak Daud (Mr. Daud) utilizes two traditional furnaces in the shape of the Eskimo-styled igloo called ‘gok’ to turn wood into coal. The ‘goks’ are made from clay and are believed to be over 100 years old but are still operational up to this day.

The Lokan Park operated by Pak Zainal contains hundreds of lokan (a type of clam) retrieved from the Sungai Linggi mangroves as a tourist and river cruise attraction. This Park is also an ideal site for camping and motivational activities due to its large and spacious area. Visitors can relax by sitting at Pak Zainal’s hand-crafted benches and tables decorated with lokan shells which are certainly unique. Pak Zainal also built massage chairs and other unique tools. Other than taking time to wind down, the visitors could also spend time harvesting lokan, have a picnic, camp, go fishing, and grill lokan with family and friends.

Fort Sempang is quite difficult to access by land and visitors would require a skilled guide to navigate their way through the woods. However, this fort can easily be visited by boat or the river cruise. This fort contains historical remnants such as a well, old walls and building pillars that are still standing. Due to these, Fort Sempang is an archaeological site that attracts local and foreign visitors.


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Paya Lebar Eco Adventures (Eco-Tourism)

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